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Includes brow tint, brow shape and finishing products

Brow lamination is our new brow treatment that relaxes and reforms the brow hairs. There are a few reasons why someone would book for this treatment: the most popular being to restyle the brows. What we mean by this as an example, would be the ‘fluffy brow’ look. This gives the fashion forward look of a full, feathered brow with the hairs being set upwards.

You may also want this treatment to correct your brows. For example, your brows are unruly or curly, or just pointing in different directions. The treatment will make them manageable and looking neat and tidy.

Or, finally, you could have overplucked, thin or sparse eyebrows. Being able to reset the eyebrows in a new position can make a massive difference – this is because you can cover gaps or the sparse areas as well as making them appear a lot fuller. The treatment is designed to better your brows whatever your concern.

Please note that patch tests are currently required at least 48 hours prior to EVERY BrowSculpt treatment. This is required whether or not you have had this test or treatment at another salon. Please note that this treatment is not suitable for pregnant women, new mothers within the first 6 months or those that are breastfeeding.

Please refrain from using sunbeds for a minimum of 24hours before treatment.


PhiBrows Artist – BBCSROU4206


I went to Brow Haus Salon when it first opened and it was the best salon experience I ever had! Staff, especially Cherese, are so friendly and professional. They did exactly what I asked and did the best job! I completely recommend this salon to everyone. It is a beautiful place, very neat and clean. I came from out from different area and I will definitely go back, it is completely worth it!!!
Kerry M ● Excellence Customer